05/10/2017  Talk at the Norfolk Deaf Association: “What happens to your brain when you can’t hear?” Come along!

12/09/2017 We are re-advertising a postdoctoral position in the lab.  Project: “Does the auditory cortex have a role in cognition?”. Get in touch for more info. Deadline 2nd October.

03/09/2017 New paper out! The Organization of Working Memory Networks is Shaped by Early Sensory Experience”

19/07/2017  Didn’t make it to Pint of Science? Come to “The wonders of the deaf brain” talk at the Norwich Deaf Centre!

17/05/2017 NEW! Postdoctoral position in the lab to work on the project “Does the auditory cortex have a role in cognition?”. This position is now closed. 

15/05/2017 Talk about “The wonders of the deaf brain” at Pint of Science Festival, Norwich (with BSL interpreters). Don’t miss out!

PoS17_FB event header_nimble neurones


16/03/2017 Great news! Velia has been awarded a New Investigator Grant from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council  (BBSRC) for the project “Does the deaf auditory cortex have a role in cognition?”.  Collaborators include Prof. Bencie Woll and Prof. Martin Eimer. The project will start in October 2017; recruitment of Postdoctoral Research Associate will start soon!

20/06/2017 4th International Conference on Cognitive Hearing Science for Communication in Linköping, Sweden. Velia is one of the keynote speakers!

08/03/2017 Velia is giving a talk at the University of Leeds: “Neural plasticity, language and cognition in the deaf brain”.

01/12/2016 Just published! New blog for Action on Hearing Loss: ‘How hearing loss and ageing affect the brain’.

16/11/2016 In Moscow working on:

Bilingualism in sign language and spoken language: a study of brain plasticity


04/11/2016 Velia gives the departmental seminar at the IoPPN, London.

26/10/2016 School seminar ‘Neural Plasticity – what can we learn from congenital deafness?’

01/07/2016 Velia joins the School of Psychology at UEA as a lecturer.

03/06/2016 Neural plasticity workshop organised by Prof. Bencie Woll and Dr. Velia Cardin. Find the abstracts and program here.